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Leadership and Management for the Next Decade

Leadership and Management for the Next Decade

Why should there be a focus and investment on the leadership and management as the UAE moves into the next decade and how will this support the themes of Expo 2020 in Dubai? Firstly, there is a need to establish the definition of leadership and management. Many notable academics have debated this case with many

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Middle managers copy their bosses’ bad behaviour, study finds

Middle managers will mirror top management’s bad behaviours, regardless of how ethical they are as an individual,new research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University shows. The research, conducted in partnership with Cambridge University, shows that in cases of unethical leadership at the top of an organisation, middle managers will treat their subordinates unfairly if the social


Managers vs Leaders

As supervisors, managers or even CEO’s we all have heard that leaders are better than managers or at least have wondered be a manager or be a leader! This issue has been a debate for a long time among management professionals and there has not been a winner for either managers or leaders. Forget about


Performance Management

Communication has been the essence of life since early age. Our predecessors painted walls to depict life cycles throughout many civilizations. They used sand and leaves of the Papyrus plant to invent writing systems and even engraved stones to impart their knowledge and experience. Why was this? Why didn’t they simply use verbal modes to

know the rules

The Rule of 8’s

Reasons are many, the result is one! A common complaint nowadays from almost everyone is “I don’t have time” and/or “I’m really stressed out”, and most of the time, not having time and being stressed out are mutually exclusive. So where is time? Where is it disappearing? We often feel 24 hours a day are

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