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Arab Business Meeting

Company Culture Beats Your Own Culture

Company Culture Beats Your Own Culture

Moving to Dubai the book ‘Don’t They Know It’s Friday` written by Jeremy Williams was recommended to me. The book mainly addresses the cross-cultural aspects of life affecting Westerners and Gulf nationals in the GCC. It deals with the realities of business and the stresses and strains of operating in the Gulf as a Western

Arab Business Meeting

Culture – Reality or Excuse?

If Culture (with a capital C, to differentiate it from the culture – lower-case c – of any organization) is the framework that describes a person’s fundamental beliefs, then it must be real. However, if Culture is variable, can it be anything other than an excuse for a person’s actions? We know that an organization


How Would You Like Your Spaghetti?

In 1998 Lars Kolind was appointed the new CEO of Oticon, a hearing care company based in Denmark. At that time Oticon was struggling in the market, paying back for the strategical mistakes they had made in the 1980s. After managing financial problems, in 1991 Kolind changed the company by designing and implementing the so-called

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HR Tip: Diversity Management

Diversity represents the unique values, culture and characteristics of all individuals. Elements of diversity in every organization include ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, income and age. What are the barriers in organizations that prevent a more balanced workforce? Limiting area of consideration. Lack of diverse applicant pool in STEM positions. Lack of diversity in the senior

Middle East

Culture and ‘Cultured’

Culture is usually defined as being ‘characterized by refined taste, manners, and good education’. An indispensable addition to this definition in today’s ever growing world of international melting pots, would be the ability to use the stated ‘refined taste, manners, and good education’ in appreciating and coping with other culturally diverse tastes, manners and schools

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