Managers and Team Leaders vs The Fear of the Self-produce Culture


Discerning Human Resources Managements are in endless journeys of developing newer coaching techniques and strategies, so that they are able to advance their staff’s powers and capabilities.

This newer approach focuses on providing greater help and support to individuals/teams so that they keep on perusing self-growth and development. It also requires collecting information (through surveys and questions) rather than telling people what they have to do.

Bizarrely enough however, the strength and self- growth of their team members intimidate many fossilized and unconfident managers. In other words, the more team members have acquired advanced techniques, certifications and other advanced skills, the more uncomfortable those managers would feel. To the extent that many of them develop unfriendly and negative attitudes towards any ambitious and advancing employee. Those fears and unfriendly attitudes appear in many forms such as closer monitoring, ridiculous questioning & unjustifiable manners and attempts of exploring what every employee is trying to do.

Although companies – regardless of their sizes and cultures – encourage advancement and self-produce strategies to make the companies able to generate leaders and managers, some managers try to pull those strategies back by adopting fusty practices, in an attempt to keep their threatened seats.

In fact, staff’s growth not only helps organizations survive and flourish, but it also pushes senior managers to seek more advancement as well as it gives them reasons to challenge themselves and others.


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