Eduware Takes Part in the Microsoft in Education Global Forum

Eduware 21st Century Education

Eduware, the leading provider and integrator of comprehensive technology-based learning products and services in the MENA region, today announced that it will be taking part at the Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Dubai to bring 21st Century education to the Arab region.The Forum is an opportunity for education stakeholders to discuss how technology can address key challenges in Education for the 21st Century and will look into transformations leveraging industry trends of mobility, cloud-access and learning analytics to help solve current and anticipated challenges.

Eduware will be showcasing its latest solutions and sharing innovative best practices and technologies that can help drive rich learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

In an attempt to revolutionise education in the Arab Region, Eduware is teaming up with Microsoft to offer an instructional management ecosystem that integrates Teaching Management System (TMS), Curriculum Management System (CMS) and E-books solutions for educational institutions. Eduware’s TMS is a teacher tool allowing for a full spectrum of best practices in lesson planning, student profiling, instruction management, performance measurement, student assessment and intervention. Eduware’s CMS aims to digitise the educational programme, into standards, benchmarks, and objectives to be used in developing course objectives, lesson plans, assessment plans, and cross-functional analytics.

Eduware e-learning strategy is based on an E-book implementation leveraging Microsoft Office, sharepoint, and OneNote. This tool will allow teachers to extend classroom practices into the cloud allowing trending strategies such as the flipped classroom, personalized instruction, collaborative projects and management of collective intelligence.

Khaled Rawda, Acting General Manager at Eduware said: “As one of Microsoft’s partners in the region, Eduware has been actively contributing to empowering the education system, helping schools merge the traditional methods with advanced, innovative techniques. With an e-learning market expected to rise to US$770 million by 2020, the Arab region will witness a significant growth. We are expanding our services in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Levant to drive this growth in the coming years.”

Teachers are empowered with e-learning tools to reflect their own methods and improve student outcomes. Similarly, students are able to learn using digital content that accurately addresses their learning needs, and that is suitably engaging for the contemporary “tech-savvy” children. These tools comprehensively combine content, self-assessments, lessons and questions of any type into one application accessible anytime and anywhere. In addition, the solution enhances the students’ ability to communicate with their teachers on areas they don’t understand. A student simply reviews e-lessons in a standardised view then highlights, bookmarks or adds their comments to study effectively.

Managing Director of Eduware Mr. Khaled El Sharif said: “Using Microsoft technologies, Eduware works with the educational institutions and teachers to respond to the new generation’s needs and requirements benefiting both the educators and students. At Eduware, we have a unique experience solid track-record in implementing E-learning across many K12 schools in the region. Partnering with Microsoft in providing direction and implementation solutions is another milestone towards expanding our services in the region. ”

Sharif added that this is “a perfect time to enter a region with innovative solutions. At the moment, the Arab region has a huge un-addressable market, e-learning is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8.2 %, outpacing the yearly growth average seen for the global market at 7.6%. The strong drive to digitise and revolutionise the delivery of the educational experience is driving this growth, with governments playing a major role in boosting their investments in the education sector.”

The partnership with Microsoft in the region serves to accelerate the adoption of 21st Century education in schools. As such, Eduware is committed to serving the learning institutions with Microsoft innovative and modernised integrated technologies.


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