Reward and Recognition Go Together Most Of The Time. But What Are The Differences?

Reward and Recognition Go Together Most Of The Time. But What Are The Differences?

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” - Ronald Reagan Employees want to be recognized for their hard work and rewarded for it. In some ways it seems elementary to need a medal, but the truth is, we never outgrow wanting and needing


The “Promotion” Epidemic

We all want to develop, improve, become better at what we do and eventually climb the career ladder and ‘get promoted’. This is normal. However, what is NOT normal, is considering, directing and planning all employee development activities towards one end in mind – “getting a promotion”. I have noticed during the past five years

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Developing Your Organization’s Core Skills

The task of organizational core skill development is a critical component of overall organization strategy and is necessary prior to calculating a comprehensive workforce planning initiative where an inventory is performed regarding current employees and their associated skills, compared to future employee headcount needs and predicted skill requirements. This activity links organizational performance with people

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Using Gamification in the Workplace to Increase Employee Productivity

The concept of gamification is sweeping through the business world, with hundreds of companies jumping on the bandwagon over the past few years. Gamification is the practice of applying game design and game playing techniques into normal business operations. Modern workforce engagement programs such as gamification can increase employee engagement by 50% or more. The

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Gamify Your Training!

Have you ever given your training style thought? Are you sure that all attendees were interested in your last workshop? Was everyone engaged or were most of them just daydreaming throughout? Life is changing very fast; what was interesting a year ago has become old fashioned now. Thus, keeping up with the current trend is

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