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In-House Training Or Outsource?

In-House Training Or Outsource?

Almost all companies need to have their employees trained, starting from orientation training to advanced training, recurrent training, on the job training and classroom training. But should your company build its own training department or rely on external training providers? Most CEO’s or business owners look at this matter from a financial view only. This

Workforce Team

Success On The Job

Understand the fact that your boss, like yourself, is a human being. Like everyone else, bosses come in all shapes and sizes. Like you, he/she has ambitions, aspirations and dreams. Some bosses are good managers, others bad, but most fall somewhere in the middle range. Unless you’re working for a very small company, your boss

Case Study

Case Study: Employee Benefits

This month I interviewed Samer Abdel Kader, Head of SEI Investments Middle East on their latest advances in End of Service Benefits, an important strategy to research in order to recruit and retain employees.   Tell us your name and what you do I joined SEI Investments back in April 2013 and I am currently heading


Four Ways for an Effective Praise

“Wow, I loved your presentation.” “I like what you did yesterday.” “By the way, have you lost some weight?” Are these praise statements motivational? Well… not necessarily. It’s well known how motivating praise can be. Praise is one of the most powerful forms of communication, and when done right, it can do just wonders. Praise


No Man Is An Island

When it comes to discussing or studying factors and dynamics affecting team building in a corporate context, we come across many models and theories, most of which may be very effective in their own right as they are either based on research, personal experiences, or observations of the one who presents them. Similarly, I had


Is An Organization’s Strategic Priorities Proportionate to the L&D of it’s Employees?

Strategic organizations make capital investment decisions based on overall return on investment or ROI of their businesses. Employee development may or may not be at the core of these decisions; however, if not managed appropriately this can have several repercussions on the level of employee satisfaction, which in turn will affect the overall businesses success


Investing In People

Investing is always associated with return. If you’re going to invest in anything, you will have considered what you will achieve in return – maybe you want to double your investment. Do you think organizations can invest? Yes they can, to generate more profit. But do you think that they should invest in their people?

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