Managers and Team Leaders vs The Fear of the Self-produce Culture

Managers and Team Leaders vs The Fear of the Self-produce Culture

Discerning Human Resources Managements are in endless journeys of developing newer coaching techniques and strategies, so that they are able to advance their staff’s powers and capabilities. This newer approach focuses on providing greater help and support to individuals/teams so that they keep on perusing self-growth and development. It also requires collecting information (through surveys


The E in Team

“Teamwork is required to achieve the ambitions of the Gulf nations and to provide prosperity and stability so that they can devote their time and effort to social and economic development and to avoid the spectre of war, which always results in the destruction of humanity.”  – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum As we


Training The Next Generation

“Is there an App for this somewhere?” “Can I download this information online?” “Are these online courses accessible from my phone?” “Is there a way to integrate the training towards a more interactive structure?” If these are some of the questions that you encounter while trying to train your next batch, you’re definitely training the

Recruiting The Social Way

The world of recruiting has changed drastically over the years. From “help wanted” signs in shop windows, to print newspaper ads, to modern internet posts; finding great employees requires one to regularly update their own skills. Online newspaper advertisements gave way to job boards, applicant technology and social media recruitment. Fortunately, the tools necessary to


Training – Overhead or Investment?

In today’s competitive environment, organizations are now, more than ever, becoming vigilant regarding expenditures, especially in regard to typical “overhead” items. Seeking the best and brightest employees requires the application of completely different methodologies that are in alignment with current labor market demands. Taking into account the total cost of hiring an employee, consider the

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