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New Year’s Goal Setting

New Year is fast approaching and this is the time when lots of people set goals commonly known as New Year’s Resolutions. According to research losing weight, getting organized and financial gains were the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions in recent years. The sad part of this research revealed that only 8% of people who


The Enemy Trio Decision Making

Successful people in life are those who are better at taking decisions. And, success is not always about the decision itself as much as about taking the decision; i.e. the act and its timeliness. Gladwell (2005), in his book “Blink”, states that the best decisions are often those that are impossible to explain to others.


Top 10 Strategies to Negotiate With Confidence

No matter who you are, you’ll eventually experience struggles with reaching an agreement with someone. Disagreements in your personal life or inability to reach consensus at work will occur occasionally. How do you perform when it comes to negotiating a solution to a vexing issue? These tips can help strengthen your negotiating skills: Find common


Training Evaluation and Follow up

Although training specialists and scholars acknowledge that having an evaluation/examination system is an essential part of the training process, there is much debate on what should be included in the evaluation model. An effective evaluation system or examination format should be: Reliable: Marking, measurements and evaluations are conducted by an industry expert under the same

Workplace Gossip

The Necessary Skill of Listening

Before you start reading what I hope will be an insightful article, I would like to invite you to spend 5 minutes and do the following exercise: Remove all distractions near you – particularly your smartphone – then try to empty your mind of those wandering thoughts, close your eyes and just listen. I’ll wait.

5 Steps to World Class Customer Service

Every great service organization aims to train associates to develop magic, or as we call it in the hospitality language “WOW” service. Service oriented organizations that are constantly growing, evolving and succeeding are focused not only on the customer service per se, but in creating a culture where associates deliver consistently “wow” service. They realize

Public Speaking

Public Speaking – Q & A Sessions

Almost everyone dreads Q&A, although they should be the most interesting and productive part of any speaking event – speakers are often worried that they’ll be put on the spot and unable to answer and listeners don’t want to be subjected to long, boring diatribes by audience members who are riding a particular hobby horse.

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