SOFT SKILLS articles


Stereotyping: An Unconscious Incompetence

One night, as I was on my way coming back home, I received a call from a training company approaching me to deliver a training course to one of its reputable clients. Since the offer was below my expectations, I politely turned down that assignment. However, the caller was so persistent in trying to get

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: High and Low Scores to Develop a High Performance Team?

Interest in emotional intelligence (EI) has bloomed over the last few years and has become a standard concept in general and applied psychology, as well as in applied business settings. Private and public sectors have recognised the important role emotions play in our actions and, therefore, our performance. Although this interest or understanding of EI


How Do You Communicate Better?

 We communicate more but do we communicate better? In today’s world we have increased channels of communication with the extension of social media, digital tools, advanced technology, smart phones etc… But can we still increase the level of our communication? We spend more time on our smart phones, tablets, and laptops and less time talking

Soft Skills

‘The Others’ – Soft Skills Trainers

It has always saddened me to denote that despite the fact that soft skills trainers have always shouldered the responsibility to bring up business professionals that are capable to stir the business and zoom it to the acme, there are still some sterile management mentalities and fossilized business leaders treat them as “The Others” or


Etiquette, Communication, and Driving

Driving this morning, I was amazed by the way a particular driver was driving ahead of me, and I thought to myself, I wonder if he, as a person, is the same as his driving! Then it hit me; the way we drive is indeed part of our character and attitude and it specifically relates


Boxing Inside the Box!

On different occasions and in inspirational speeches I usually hear the advice “Think outside the box”. I have always found this hard to do. The problem with reflecting could be my own problem, however, let’s elucidate the disparity between thinking inside and outside the box and reach a viable conclusion about what’s practical. Objectively thinking,

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