The Secret To Getting The Biggest Return on Your Training Investment

The Secret To Getting The Biggest Return on Your Training Investment

One of the best things you can offer your people for unlimited opportunities for growth and development is world-class training. Here’s how training is usually conducted… 1. Identify competencies that need to be developed. 2. Select training providers. 3. Evaluate training programs. 4. Set a schedule. 5. Share the schedule with the managers. 6. Managers


Performance Management

Communication has been the essence of life since early age. Our predecessors painted walls to depict life cycles throughout many civilizations. They used sand and leaves of the Papyrus plant to invent writing systems and even engraved stones to impart their knowledge and experience. Why was this? Why didn’t they simply use verbal modes to

know the rules

The Rule of 8’s

Reasons are many, the result is one! A common complaint nowadays from almost everyone is “I don’t have time” and/or “I’m really stressed out”, and most of the time, not having time and being stressed out are mutually exclusive. So where is time? Where is it disappearing? We often feel 24 hours a day are


The Attention Span of a Gold Fish

Gold fish are said to have a 2 second memory, which is the time it takes them to swim around their little basin and believe they are facing a whole new world. Do you sometimes find your class or yourself to have a similar attention span? How do you keep acquiring new skills and training

Multi Tasker

Well Planned Is Half Done

A well created ‘project plan’ is crucial to successfully managing and controlling a WLP project. Building a project from a project charter requires collecting more information, analyzing and refining to arrive at a further well-defined scope for the project (project scope statement). Breaking it down… We itemize the work involved in delivering the scope (deliverables)

Business Team

Team Motivation 101

In today’s business life, talking about motivation is as basic as talking about management. All managers of all levels know quite well the immensity of having a workforce motivated and ready to do the job. It is most likely that you will find motivated and competent caliber mentioned as an important milestone in the statement of


Training to Drive Change

Are you considering using training as a good tool to drive change, and wondering if it really is worth the time and money? A change process first of all requires management endorsement and continuous communication. In addition, training may be a good tool. Based on 10 years of experience with international companies on changes in

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