Embracing Change

Change, the magic word that once heard all leaders; manager, supervisors and employees hearts tremble in terror. We as humans are always afraid of change. Why change something that we know and have mastered? So imagine when you have to implement change into a whole cooperate in order to survive the rapid market growth! I


Managing the ‘Unmanageable’

If you were under the impression that managing people is one of the easy parts of your job, you are totally mistaken. In real life, not everyone is dedicated, hard working, consistent in development, and not everyone exhibits immense talent. Surveys have revealed that these type of people are found in abundance in offices across

A 20:60:20 Approach Toward Dynamic Action Planning

An action plan in dictionary definition is a detailed plan outlining the actions, which takes us to the desired objectives. Interestingly, in simple terms it is the answer to all, who’s, what’s, how’s, and when’s. An action plan is a phenomenal effort. Isn’t it? I will prove to you in the next 30 seconds. As


Training – It’s All About The FLOW

So you have decided to become a trainer and you believe you have the needed skills and all it takes, after gaining a few certificates off you go: a subject matter expert with a style. Coming from an eighteen-year experienced trainer, I can tell you it takes a bit more than speaking skills and knowledge


Managers vs Leaders

As supervisors, managers or even CEO’s we all have heard that leaders are better than managers or at least have wondered be a manager or be a leader! This issue has been a debate for a long time among management professionals and there has not been a winner for either managers or leaders. Forget about


Which Project Management Framework Should You Adopt?

One of the questions constantly asked by both organizations and individuals concerns what project management framework to adopt. This question is triggered by various factors that range from choosing a career path in project management, to up-skilling oneself to successfully manage high profile and value projects. Plus, the market place in the Middle East, especially

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