Teamwork Concept

Critical Skills for Managers

Critical Skills for Managers

A key element of business strategy is the recognition that managers frequently represent the most critical component to successful business operations.  In my “Contemporary People Management” MBA course, I frequently emphasize the fact that managers today have much greater responsibilities and expectations than their counterparts of years ago.  Their jobs are no longer limited to


Managing People in Intercultural Teams

One of the biggest challenges faced by many businesses, social and commercial alike, is how to successfully manage employees from different cultural backgrounds. Management studies have focused mostly on managing people from similar age groups and the same ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but with the growing number of international companies and longer work lives, those


The Magic Power of Feedback

When was the last time you were called by your manager to have a word together? Did you feel worried? I think you did. This is the mindset of the majority of employees: you’re going to your manager’s office because you’re in trouble. So while you’re on your way there, you can’t stop thinking what

Change Management

Change And Its Obstacles

When you talk about ‘Change Management’ or even an ‘Introduction of Change’, all you hear is positivity from people – atleast at face value. You will hear that ‘more can be achieved if this change is implemented’ or ‘accomplishments are on their way with this change’. Even though that they all admire the change you


People Management

Are you an Accounting Manager? Are you the Vice President of Production? Or perhaps you are the Director of Development. It doesn’t matter, because what you really are is a People Manager. Regardless of your industry, your company, or even your job title, all managers are people managers, all management is people management. Managing people

Change Management

Embracing Change

Change management is a term that is used freely. Sometimes it is blamed for poor performance – “That initiative failed because we didn’t focus enough on change management.” And other times it is used as an umbrella term for activities that would otherwise not have a classification of task – “When we implement that new


People Management

“Prepare like you would for war, so you don’t have to do battle with your customers or team” In the words often and variously attributed to George Orwell, and famously paraphrased by Sir Winston Churchill; ‘We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who

Employee Turnover – Where do we need to focus ?

One of the key metrics of how well your organization is doing is “employee turnover”. Many organizations are happy to maintain an industry average as an excuse whereas on the flip side some companies go way and beyond to ensure that this number stays down and proactively look at how to reduce this number. I

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