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Using Technology to Become an Online Coach

Using Technology to Become an Online Coach

Coaching has become one of the most popular ways to conduct business online in recent years. The advantages to the person being mentored are huge. Online coaching fees are often less than in person sessions and both parties can tailor hours and methods of contact. The coach can make resources available online in private download


Web-Based Learning Management Systems Deployed In Customer Support Settings

In many respects, Elearning has matured as a technology and industry. Today we will look at how web-based learning management systems can and are being used as part of the customer support function in a company or organization. What is a Learning Management System? Learning management systems (LMS) are web-based software application platforms used to


Focus On HR Technology

As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Many of you will be resigned to live with with the ‘I-know-it-works-fine-in-Texas-but-it’s-a-nightmare-to-use-here’ syndrome and many others will be with regional organizations which may have invested in HR technology which is now 8 to 10 years’ old, but nobody at board level has the appetite

Learning Technology

Get The Advantage: Overcoming The Negative Aspects Of An Online Education

Any individual that has researched online education or training will no doubt be well aware of the possible disadvantages that choosing an online degree or training course holds over choosing to learn in an academic or technical institution. The majority of resources available will highlight the problems so everyone considering an online course will be


The Advancement of E-books: Opportunities for Organizational Learning

Reading has been a staple of learning for countless generations. Reading opens the door to new ideas and perspectives, from people past and present and it invites us to think critically about life and the world around us. We read fiction and non-fiction. We read books, magazines, and newspapers. We read for work, for school,

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