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A Slice of LIME with Online Learning

A Slice of LIME with Online Learning

Love or hate online learning (e-learning), it has been here longer than you think. It will certainly never completely replace the social interaction of face-to-face learning, yet it does have numerous advantages. Many organizations and individuals get consumed with the idea that online learning is the only way to learn. The fact of the matter


Six Sigma And Online Training

While nothing can exceed the breadth, depth, and quality of direct in-person training, various factors can make it inconvenient. If your organization is serious about Six Sigma training, but finds it difficult to get everyone together for instructor-led training, then an online Six Sigma course is a worthy alternative. An online training program can give

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Creating Engaging Study Opportunities for Learners Using Quizlet

Learning knowledge based terms and definitions can be a difficult task. Instructors often struggle to find ways to make learning the content outside of the classroom engaging. Students often struggle to find ways to stay focused on the content. Traditional methods are often low or no-technology, such as reading, highlighting, and basic flash cards. Enter

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The Case for Technology-Mediated Immersive Learning Programs

Learning and development is too often a discipline relegated to the back burner of organizational priorities. As a result, many organizations still rely on an outdated programming model: one-off sessions that are face-to-face, instructor-led, content-heavy, and low technology. There are several issues with the ‘traditional’ model of learning delivery. Firstly, a one-time session rarely is

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Training Tip: Technology for Trainers

Do you use technology as part of your course delivery technique? Here are some fun ways to incorporate technology into your next training session: Google Docs – Collect pre-course information and end course evaluation. TrainedOn – Ditch the outdated Excel spreadsheet and prepare your training plan on www.trainedon.com The site offers a flexible and dynamic


The iPad: Cost-Effective Audio & Video Learning Production

“Why would I want to use audio and video as part of my learning program?” is a question that you may be asking yourself. There are plenty of reasons to like audio and video for learning: Supports Varied Learning Environments: Face-to-face, blended, and online learning in synchronous and asynchronous environments. Engages Learning Styles: Caters directly

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