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In today’s fast paced world where everything is done on the go, pre-packaged education that allows students to learn what they need when they want doesn’t sound that unrealistic. In fact, as ICT technologies continue to converge and digital content producers churn out online learning material in abundance, mobile universities may well be the reality


Implementing Online Learning as per Organization’s Strengths

In this world of technology, eLearning is playing an important role in the Organizational Development (OD) of a company. It has become very important how an organization prepares its eLearning strategy. It’s now part of ensuring the resources needed to enhance the sustainability are present. When implementing new initiatives, you will face new problems and


eLearning – A Panacea for Adult Learning Needs?

In many ways, technology advances in the training field have revolutionized the methodology of creating, presenting and evaluating training and development programs. Online learning offers many benefits to both employers and employees, considering factors such as cost, time, convenience, accessibility, and subject matter variety, and enables both a simple delivery system coupled with unfettered geographic


From VHS Tapes to the Cloud: A Brief History of E Learning

The evolution of eLearning over the past few decades has been anything but gradual. Contemporary explosion of information and communication technology has directly affected the process of learning across classrooms in the academic and corporate sector. From the VHS tape to the current day educational clouds, technology has been effectively leveraged to enhance the process


Resistance to Change – The Triple E Strategy

New developments in educational technology and increasingly sophisticated learning technologies are beginning to have a major impact on multinational organizations. It is clear that local organizations need to change to accommodate the impact of technology on learning. Learning Technology has a main challenge which is “resistance to change”… CLICK HERE NOW TO READ THE REST

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