Team Leadership

Is There a Place for Team Leadership Within Today’s High-tech, Fast Moving World of International Business?

Is There a Place for Team Leadership Within Today’s High-tech, Fast Moving World of International Business?

The term leadership generally evokes thoughts of both famous and infamous personalities from world history. Whether pioneers of nations, great religious ambassadors, the peace-makers or founding fathers of modern industry; all hold a number of common traits. Having the ability to inspire followers, to make timely and decisive decisions and always be seen to “do

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Leadership Development: Inherent and Intuition?

Why leadership development… Improving leadership development programs, growing talent internally and enhancing effectiveness of the senior management team are some of the top challenges on the minds of CEO’s next to business growth. We need great leaders to shape and sustain our organizations and also mold our future leaders. We need leaders leading with a

Best Practice

Best Practice Leadership Training – An Investment in Mediocrity?

Are leaders born or made? This common trait theory of leadership has been debated for decades. Current scholars seem to accept that while some future leaders may be born with relevant leadership traits, this may not be a critical component to guarantee future effective leadership. Arguments are frequently made that through extensive leadership training programs,


Should You Be My Leader?

Leadership and who is the ideal leader has always been a trendy topic and always will be. Countries, organizations and companies will always look for the right leaders or formerly called managers. Thousands of books have been written around the topic, lots of research has been done, days of training have been given and many


Book Review: Leading High Performers, The Ultimate Guide to Being a Fast, Fluid and Flexible Leader by Eric Snow

Eric Snow is a true leader; having played in the NBA for over 14 years, leading and coaching players on the basketball court and learning from some of the best leaders, Eric is an authority on leadership. My first thought when picking up the book was ‘How can I as a businesswoman learn leadership or

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How to Work Your Way to Leadership

“Everywhere, we learn only from those whom we love.” ~ Goethe Take a moment to think about every job you’ve had in your career. Think of every boss or line manager. Think of every colleague. Think of every client, even. Some people would probably stick out in your memory for all the bad reasons. Forget

Confident Businesswoman

The Importance of Confidence

A leader’s top priority is to develop his or her team, clear their path of obstacles and align them with objectives that play to their strengths. One way to tackle all three responsibilities is to focus on developing each team member’s self confidence. Why Confidence Is Particularly Important Self-confidence inspires trust. Trust in turn, increases

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