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Leadership Development? Consult with Your Technical Trainers…

Leadership Development? Consult with Your Technical Trainers…

Our colleagues in Internal Training certainly have the advantage of knowing the organizational culture, but that “insider” position can put them at a disadvantage in the eyes of senior leaders at times of change. Justified or not, there may exist a view that internal training lacks the experience to raise a business culture to the


Essential Traits of a Leader

Leadership is one of those things which is easy to identify but at the same time hard to define. Or perhaps, it is not so easy to identify, but it is easy to feel. There’s no denying that leadership is rooted in characteristics of the leader. Also, interestingly, the manifestation of such traits may be

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Leadership Lessons

After spending over twenty years in the corporate world and the last few years working in a start-up company, there is no doubt in my mind that it is the people who make all the difference in the success of any organization and they need to be nurtured very carefully. The role of a leader


The True Stories of Two Leaders

A long time ago in America lived a great man who laid the foundation of one of the biggest organizations in U.S history. He was ‘Andrew Carnegie’. He went through difficult times as a young boy, seeing famine and having lived a poor childhood, he was determined to come out victorious. Who would have known


Leadership Development ROI

Why measure leadership development? Due to increased pressures for cost efficiencies, organizational leaders now wish to know the payoff of their investment in these initiatives to see value for money, and many organizations are stepping up to the challenge of showing the value of their programs up to the impact and ROI levels. But what

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The Art of Leadership

As leaders and people managers we have to be excellent at finding, hiring, developing and retaining top talent. Simultaneously, we have to have great strategic thinking, organizational design, manage operational issues, perceptions and complex matrices of relationships. It’s an often thankless, unenviable task that makes us question why we tried so hard to get there

Employee Performance

4 Uncommon Ways To Motivate an Underperforming Employee

Ordinary leaders believe that if some employees are under-performing, you must fire them. But not you! Underperformance is very common nowadays due to the increasing levels of stress and competition. Sadly, performance issues and employees spirit are too often ignored by leadership due to the endless battle for a bigger market share, decreasing costs and


Leadership and Management

Recently I was invited as a speaker to the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Company) forum held in Dubai for some of their managers. The presentation covered “How to motivate teams to achieve company goals”. During the presentation, as we were discussing the skills required for a manager to achieve these goals the question of Leadership

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