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7 Coaching Skills That Leaders Should Have

7 Coaching Skills That Leaders Should Have

Whether you are a manager, or a leader, or an individual guiding and directing your team, one of the critical paths to business success is by adopting a coaching approach. In a study conducted by Bursen and Associates, it was concluded that those organizations that had senior leaders who coached achieved 21% better business growth

Public Speaking

Coaching Your Clients To Present Powerfully

Fear of delivering presentations and public speaking is the number one fear in business throughout the world. Being frightened to stand up and deliver a presentation is what stops many people progressing to where they aspire to get to in their career. Over the years I have started to notice an increase in the number


Company Spotlight – REACH Mentoring

Tell us more about what you do? Reach is the first structured mentoring programme for women in the UAE and the firstnon-profit organisation to be registered at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). As a non-profit mentoring programme, Reach is provided to eligible mentees at no cost, to give aspiring female professionals access to well-established

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Coaching The Next Generation

Everyone goes through their youth years with a few ups and downs; fortunate are those who pass through without much trouble or obstacles. However, for each passing generation, it’s an emotional roller-coaster ride. Young people of today face an ever growing challenging environment and the situation gets complex by each passing minute. When we ask


Training The Next Generation

Aspiring entrepreneurs, successful business people, and those just starting out can reap the benefits of having a mentor. More than likely, if you looked back on your life, you would be able to point out the people who helped you, mentors who you aspired to emulate. And the need for mentors doesn’t change as you


Using NLP Meta Programmes to Motivate Your Coaching Clients Part 4, People – Process

To read part 1, click here. To read part 2, click here. To read part 3, click here.    The Meta Programme covered in this article is People – Process. Imagine each Meta Program as a scale, with the most extreme example at each end of the scale. Some people will be extremely ‘people’, others extremely ‘process’,

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