Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good

Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good

Social marketing started in the 70’s and has been one of the most popular tools for creating positive social change ever since. The most successful campaigns are forever part of our collective vocabulary, such as “This is Your Brain on Drugs.” The simplicity of the campaigns combined with their innovative approach to long-term problems in


Focus On What You Do Best

The world of social business is as competitive as any other field, with newcomers and competitors entering previously unexplored markets at an unprecedented rate. Businesses have realized that in order to become global leaders they need to focus on underserved geographies and demographics, as well as increase their transparency and focus on the triple bottom


Minimum Effort, Maximum ROI

ROI is something that defines your path, creates your strategy and executes your planning. Every company has a different set of goals and ways to achieve ROI. Some rely on marketing, no matter what form they are in. Some try to look into lessening the expenses to have a great ROI number at the end


How to Use the Internet and Social Media for Business Development

Brick and mortar businesses and online companies want to leverage the internet and social media to drive business for their companies. However, without having a clear and measureable digital marketing strategy, achieving these goals isn’t possible. Whatever the industry your company is working in, you should be interested in setting the following basics to drive

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