3 Personality Flaws that Can Launch Your Entrepreneurial Journey

3 Personality Flaws that Can Launch Your Entrepreneurial Journey

People who have entrepreneurial potential usually interact with the world in a way that makes those around them annoyed. Sometimes the very thing that annoys people from you is the quality needed for your entrepreneurial success. The following are the 3 most common personality flaws that describe some of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide. Watch


Author Showcase – Richard Tyler

Tell us your name and what you do My name is Richard Tyler  – I am a speaker and coach, also known as The Possibility Architect. I disrupt, jolt, challenge, support and provoke leaders to leave behind ordinary and strive only for extraordinary. Tell us about your background Before training as a behavioural psychologist, I


7 Hacks for a Strong Startup

What an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning, have your coffee, get dressed and go to work . Or wait a minute maybe you don’t have to go directly to the company; maybe you want to go play some golf? Or run for a bit? Why not? You still have time. More importantly,


Wasted Words; Wasted Time

How often do you sit with someone and you hear them talking but you’re not really listening. Not only words are wasted, but so is time. Why? Answer: It’s most likely because of lack of personalization and customization! The trend for creating a competitive advantage and a differentiation strategy in the market has been lately


Back to Basics

Thousands of new business books are published every year. While I truly appreciate the contribution of so many authors, and this article is by no means to underestimate the good books and literature out there… The interesting part is that you read on the cover of most of these newly published books “An International Best


Starting With ROI

Is there a measurement tool for training ROI? Or can we simply convert training figures into monetary figures? If we want to measure the real ROI for any training, we should go through a process to identify the following… CLICK HERE NOW TO READ THE REST OF THIS EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE ARTICLE!


Getting an ROI with Training

Think about the last time you ventured out to buy yourself an electronic device, home appliance or vehicle … what were the key things you factored into your decision making process? A simple tool to help understand how to calculate the ROI in any situation is… CLICK HERE NOW TO READ THE REST OF THIS

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