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Critical Skills for Managers

Critical Skills for Managers

A key element of business strategy is the recognition that managers frequently represent the most critical component to successful business operations.  In my “Contemporary People Management” MBA course, I frequently emphasize the fact that managers today have much greater responsibilities and expectations than their counterparts of years ago.  Their jobs are no longer limited to


Managing People in Intercultural Teams

One of the biggest challenges faced by many businesses, social and commercial alike, is how to successfully manage employees from different cultural backgrounds. Management studies have focused mostly on managing people from similar age groups and the same ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but with the growing number of international companies and longer work lives, those


Managers and Team Leaders vs The Fear of the Self-produce Culture

Discerning Human Resources Managements are in endless journeys of developing newer coaching techniques and strategies, so that they are able to advance their staff’s powers and capabilities. This newer approach focuses on providing greater help and support to individuals/teams so that they keep on perusing self-growth and development. It also requires collecting information (through surveys


Hospitality Should Be About Love, Kindness, and Compassion

It is a shame to see the hotel industry clinging to an obsolete guest experience concept and being led by cookie-cutter-oriented, shareholder-driven hotel groups. Hospitality in these groups is dominated by a clonable, emotionless corporate template whereas it should be about love, kindness, and compassion. People want to feel loved. Trainers, if the corporate executives


The Magic Power of Feedback

When was the last time you were called by your manager to have a word together? Did you feel worried? I think you did. This is the mindset of the majority of employees: you’re going to your manager’s office because you’re in trouble. So while you’re on your way there, you can’t stop thinking what

Change Management

Change And Its Obstacles

When you talk about ‘Change Management’ or even an ‘Introduction of Change’, all you hear is positivity from people – atleast at face value. You will hear that ‘more can be achieved if this change is implemented’ or ‘accomplishments are on their way with this change’. Even though that they all admire the change you

Coaching Label

7 Coaching Skills That Leaders Should Have

Whether you are a manager, or a leader, or an individual guiding and directing your team, one of the critical paths to business success is by adopting a coaching approach. In a study conducted by Bursen and Associates, it was concluded that those organizations that had senior leaders who coached achieved 21% better business growth

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