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Employee Turnover – Where do we need to focus ?

One of the key metrics of how well your organization is doing is “employee turnover”. Many organizations are happy to maintain an industry average as an excuse whereas on the flip side some companies go way and beyond to ensure that this number stays down and proactively look at how to reduce this number. I

5 Steps to World Class Customer Service

Every great service organization aims to train associates to develop magic, or as we call it in the hospitality language “WOW” service. Service oriented organizations that are constantly growing, evolving and succeeding are focused not only on the customer service per se, but in creating a culture where associates deliver consistently “wow” service. They realize

Workforce Team

Where is the Conflict in Your Team?

It’s an interesting observation – “10% of conflicts are due to the difference in opinion and 90% are due to the wrong tone of voice.” In today’s organizations with employees from multi-cultural backgrounds, there are bound to be misunderstandings and inevitably conflicts will raise their ugly head now and then. As a manager, you will


Getting to The Point

In today’s fast paced, multi tasked and attention deficit world that we find ourselves in, the question often comes to my mind “ Am I listening enough?” or on the other side of the spectrum “Am I being heard enough?” Recent statistics have proven that the average attention span for a human being in the

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