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Managers and Team Leaders vs The Fear of the Self-produce Culture

Managers and Team Leaders vs The Fear of the Self-produce Culture

Discerning Human Resources Managements are in endless journeys of developing newer coaching techniques and strategies, so that they are able to advance their staff’s powers and capabilities. This newer approach focuses on providing greater help and support to individuals/teams so that they keep on perusing self-growth and development. It also requires collecting information (through surveys

Soft Skills

‘The Others’ – Soft Skills Trainers

It has always saddened me to denote that despite the fact that soft skills trainers have always shouldered the responsibility to bring up business professionals that are capable to stir the business and zoom it to the acme, there are still some sterile management mentalities and fossilized business leaders treat them as “The Others” or


Training Evaluation and Follow up

Although training specialists and scholars acknowledge that having an evaluation/examination system is an essential part of the training process, there is much debate on what should be included in the evaluation model. An effective evaluation system or examination format should be: Reliable: Marking, measurements and evaluations are conducted by an industry expert under the same

Arab Teacher

The Lecturing Method is NOT Always Your Final Resort

It is strongly believed that soft skills trainers must have agreed upon methods of conducting training sessions as well as presentation skills that add another precious significance to the training effectiveness, and of course they must monitor the learners’/trainees’ performance, especially when they return back to their work stations. This is called the “Training/Teaching Pedagogy”


The Business Trainers’ Predicament

The reason why governments and companies assign employees to training and development programmes is to improve their employees’ performance. Not only is training a benefit to the employees, but also to the governments and companies strategic investment plans. Those training advantages could be noted as follows: Effective training guarantees the strengthening of self-development, as well

Dollar Keyboard

Sales vs Quality: The Eternal and Everlasting Dispute

It is one of the most dramatic but predictable conflicts in today’s companies and enterprises, regardless of whether those companies are product manufacturers/distributors OR service providers. Some scholars go further and call it “Mutual Dislike”, which normally takes place when teams’ objectives collide in different forms. It could also get worse, especially when companies undergo

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