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Health and Safety

The Hell, and the Heaven, with Safety Training

The Hell, and the Heaven, with Safety Training

What does heaven look like for a trainer? Any trainer. I’ll tell you: Dedicated delegates, hungry for learning and growth Enthusiasm, excitement and energy that fills the training room Management who are eager to help their employees apply what they learned when they return to work Transformed trainees, showering you with testimonies and post-training calls

Public Speaking

Ignore Your Audience And You Will Inspire Them

“Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners.“ Dale Carnegie When you’re invited to speak to an audience, what are the first questions that come to you? “Who are my audience?” and “what shall I speak about?” Succeeding to inspire and interest our listeners is


The Transparent Trainer

At the onset of my “Leadership Challenge” workshops, I usually ask my group this question: tell me about someone you met who has had a lot of influence in your life? The delegates immediately remember particular people they have lived with, worked with or learned from. According to a survey by Jim Kouzes and Barry

Public Speaking

The Other Fear of Public Speaking

As a speaker, you strive to fight your fears and overcome your nervousness before or when you face your audience. But what about your audience’s fears of you? Have you tried to address them? What happens if you don’t? Do you even know what those fears are? Here are some of your audience’s concerns regarding

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