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7 Hacks for a Strong Startup

What an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning, have your coffee, get dressed and go to work . Or wait a minute maybe you don’t have to go directly to the company; maybe you want to go play some golf? Or run for a bit? Why not? You still have time. More importantly,


Investing In People

Investing is always associated with return. If you’re going to invest in anything, you will have considered what you will achieve in return – maybe you want to double your investment. Do you think organizations can invest? Yes they can, to generate more profit. But do you think that they should invest in their people?

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The Famous Trainer

Everyone wants to be famous and now it’s easy to be famous, especially when we talk about business. You are an excellent trainer. Yes, you know that and I’m sure you are. But are you sure that everyone else knows it or it is just you? CLICK HERE NOW TO READ THE REST OF THIS

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Gamify Your Training!

Have you ever given your training style thought? Are you sure that all attendees were interested in your last workshop? Was everyone engaged or were most of them just daydreaming throughout? Life is changing very fast; what was interesting a year ago has become old fashioned now. Thus, keeping up with the current trend is


When To Fire Yourself!

When To Fire Yourself… My job involves conducting a lot of interviews as part of the gap analysis. Of course, before I start my questions, I give the interviewees a brief about what I do, why I’m here and also, why they’re here. In order for them to feel comfortable, I assure them that our


Management Consultants and Change Management

Working as a management consultant is not only about applying standards and implementing frameworks, it is mainly about change management. I will tell you why. When a consultant applies standards for whatever the reason was, he/she changes the status quo of this specific organization, hence changing the current situation. That means going through a challenge,

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