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Leadership and Management for the Next Decade

Leadership and Management for the Next Decade

Why should there be a focus and investment on the leadership and management as the UAE moves into the next decade and how will this support the themes of Expo 2020 in Dubai? Firstly, there is a need to establish the definition of leadership and management. Many notable academics have debated this case with many

Adapting Your Leadership Style

There are many recognised leadership styles supported by academically robust research models  which play an integral role in leadership development. Each will have a positive and negative impact depending on the environmental situation, the people that are being led, and quite often the level of personal threat or pressure… CLICK HERE NOW TO READ THE

Team Leadership

Is There a Place for Team Leadership Within Today’s High-tech, Fast Moving World of International Business?

The term leadership generally evokes thoughts of both famous and infamous personalities from world history. Whether pioneers of nations, great religious ambassadors, the peace-makers or founding fathers of modern industry; all hold a number of common traits. Having the ability to inspire followers, to make timely and decisive decisions and always be seen to “do

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