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Managing the ‘Unmanageable’

If you were under the impression that managing people is one of the easy parts of your job, you are totally mistaken. In real life, not everyone is dedicated, hard working, consistent in development, and not everyone exhibits immense talent. Surveys have revealed that these type of people are found in abundance in offices across


You Are Not A Leader

“I am the best leader in the world….better than the rest!” The world is filled with leaders. Or it seems. Leaders, who admit to themselves and the whole world that they are born this way. That they are the leader everyone aspires to be. I know why you are thinking you can’t be like them.


Minimum Effort, Maximum ROI

ROI is something that defines your path, creates your strategy and executes your planning. Every company has a different set of goals and ways to achieve ROI. Some rely on marketing, no matter what form they are in. Some try to look into lessening the expenses to have a great ROI number at the end

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