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Coaching The Next Generation

Coaching The Next Generation

Everyone goes through their youth years with a few ups and downs; fortunate are those who pass through without much trouble or obstacles. However, for each passing generation, it’s an emotional roller-coaster ride. Young people of today face an ever growing challenging environment and the situation gets complex by each passing minute. When we ask


Is An Organization’s Strategic Priorities Proportionate to the L&D of it’s Employees?

Strategic organizations make capital investment decisions based on overall return on investment or ROI of their businesses. Employee development may or may not be at the core of these decisions; however, if not managed appropriately this can have several repercussions on the level of employee satisfaction, which in turn will affect the overall businesses success


The True Stories of Two Leaders

A long time ago in America lived a great man who laid the foundation of one of the biggest organizations in U.S history. He was ‘Andrew Carnegie’. He went through difficult times as a young boy, seeing famine and having lived a poor childhood, he was determined to come out victorious. Who would have known

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