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Recognizing Trust Traps at the Workplace

Recognizing Trust Traps at the Workplace

As leaders and managers, all of us have dealt with issues of trust at work at some point in our careers – be it with our teams, our peers, the management, customers etc. Anybody who has worked in the corporate world will vouch for the fact that organizations that have a high ‘trust quotient’ in


Measuring Training ROI

If you are the Learning and Development or Training Manager in your organization, you are probably often asked how you are ensuring that the effort and money spent on training is having the desired outcome and contributing tangibly to the company. If your answer to that is, ‘let’s put in place a system to measure


Why It’s a Good Idea to Invest in Your Frontline Managers

Frontline Managers form the Leadership periphery of the organization and are always called upon to lead teams to success. Their designations vary and may include area managers, store managers, site supervisors, line-leaders, departmental heads, etc. Whatever the title or designation may be, Frontline Managers direct almost two-thirds of the workforce responsible for production, sales and


How Do You Design Training?

Designing a training programme is simple. You have a topic, you have the agenda, you have the duration and you have your models and theories. Just put it all in a power-point presentation and you are good to go, right? Wrong! A training programme is NOT a presentation. Conceptualizing and designing training is like weaving

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