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Critical Skills for Managers

Critical Skills for Managers

A key element of business strategy is the recognition that managers frequently represent the most critical component to successful business operations.  In my “Contemporary People Management” MBA course, I frequently emphasize the fact that managers today have much greater responsibilities and expectations than their counterparts of years ago.  Their jobs are no longer limited to


Training – Overhead or Investment?

In today’s competitive environment, organizations are now, more than ever, becoming vigilant regarding expenditures, especially in regard to typical “overhead” items. Seeking the best and brightest employees requires the application of completely different methodologies that are in alignment with current labor market demands. Taking into account the total cost of hiring an employee, consider the

Workforce Team

Developing Your Organization’s Core Skills

The task of organizational core skill development is a critical component of overall organization strategy and is necessary prior to calculating a comprehensive workforce planning initiative where an inventory is performed regarding current employees and their associated skills, compared to future employee headcount needs and predicted skill requirements. This activity links organizational performance with people


eLearning – A Panacea for Adult Learning Needs?

In many ways, technology advances in the training field have revolutionized the methodology of creating, presenting and evaluating training and development programs. Online learning offers many benefits to both employers and employees, considering factors such as cost, time, convenience, accessibility, and subject matter variety, and enables both a simple delivery system coupled with unfettered geographic

Best Practice

Best Practice Leadership Training – An Investment in Mediocrity?

Are leaders born or made? This common trait theory of leadership has been debated for decades. Current scholars seem to accept that while some future leaders may be born with relevant leadership traits, this may not be a critical component to guarantee future effective leadership. Arguments are frequently made that through extensive leadership training programs,

Talent Management

Developing a Talent Business Strategy

Over a short period of time, the business sector in the UAE will become recognized as an emerging market, thus attracting talent from other parts of the globe. Investment in talent and managing development opportunities are proven methodologies for business success. Organizations in the UAE and throughout the Middle East will need to recognize that

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